Twinkle Khanna’s Conditions to Marry Akshay – Hilarious Facts

Bollywood got so much to talk about, and here we got Bollywood superpower couple. Where the Khiladi is an all-rounder of b-town and also a fantastic partner and a dearest loving father of their children. On the other hand, his better half is a star daughter known to be an actress, designer, and a wonderful homemaker.Yes it’s none other than Khiladi Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna. The couple has completed 19 years of marriage, both married on January 17, 2001, and still seems to be the most energetic and respectful JODI of the town. Twinkle made distances from Bollywood after the wedding, but they are seen in events or functions together. Twinkle also shares photos and videos on social media, where these photos and videos seem to be a fun couple at heart. There is still immense love between Twinkle and Akshay, Akshay and Twinkle had worked together in several films, in an interview, Akshay had said that he had met Twinkle during a photoshoot at the film fair. At first glance, Akshay had given his heart to Twinkle, the love of the two developed during the shooting of the film international player, the same Akshay who wanted to marry Twinkle Khanna, but Twinkle had put all the odd conditions in front of Akshay.

Twinkle Khanna’s Conditions to Marry Akshay- Hilarious Facts

In an interview, Twinkle Khanna talked about her love story with Akshay Kumar and said that when she started dating Akshay, she had come out of a long relationship and wanted to date someone for a few days, in the interview, Twinkle had said that she had made Akshay her boyfriend for 15 days just to timepass but Akshay was madly in love with Twinkle Khanna, and Akshay wanted to marry Twinkle at the earliest, but Twinkle’s career was going well and she wanted to give her career a little more time, whereas Akshay doesn’t wish to Twinkle to work in films. whereas Twinkle’s film Mela was about to release. But Twinkle didn’t leave hope, On the movie that was about to be released, Twinkle had bet to Akshay that if the film gets flopped, I will marry you and Unfortunately something like that happened film got badly flopped and Twinkle had to say YES to Akshay proposal.

But, there were still a lot of hurdles in Akshay Kumar and Twinkle’s a love story, the biggest hurdle was Twinkle Khanna’s mom, Dimple Kapadia. Twinkle made it difficult for Akshay to marry her. To marry Twinkle Akshay’s life has become like a Papad. Twinkle has also prepared charts in which a table was about Akshay’s healthy familybackground, the other was about the advantages and disadvantages of marriage, Twinkle herself spoke about it in an episode of coffee with Karan in 2016. , the same Akshay had also admitted that after the wedding, when he came to know about these charts of Twinkle, he was angry, Twinkle had told in  coffee with Karan that people marry for children, so he checked the health record of Akshay Kumar’s family that he had no genetic problem. The chart also included a few other things like Akshay’speople were not quickly bald, no one died of any disease, on all these things of Twinkle, Akshay said in coffee with Karan that after I got married, felt very bad when I came to know all these things. But now it seems that the horoscopes may not be found, but allthese things must be checked, Twinkle made a chart of the disadvantages and benefits of getting married to Akshay, there were two disadvantages and 8 advantages.

If it comes to Twinkle’s mother Dimple Kapadia, Dimple Kapadia did not like Akshay for her daughter at all, in fact, Dimple Kapadia considered Akshay Kumar as ‘ gay ‘  and that is why he put the condition before Akshay and Twinkle that he was in a living relationship for one year,Dimple said the marriage decision would be taken after that, and after being in a live-in relationship for one year, Twinkle decided to marry Akshay and his family when he was well-off…

Well, Khiladi Akshay made too many efforts to make her reel partner tohis real-life partner. Two got married in two hours that to a gathering of just sixty people. It was very shocking news for people to know that they both tied knot ‘truth is bitter.’

Now people agree and say they both are compatible with each other and also one of the beautiful couple in our Bollywood. In an interview, Akshay says that he is a superstar today because of his wife’s support and encouragement. And further mentioning her wife Akshay says Twinkle, my wife left her field as an actor and became a housemaker, a mom, a wife who is a real support to my family.Isn’t a definition of superwomen?

Twinkle Khanna revealed  in an interview about Akshay’s romanticside, and where he gets ideas of romantic dates.So this is how this, too, are together and leaving a happy married life.