Top 10 most dangerous health Problems / Issues / Common diseases For Humans

Are you afraid to get smacked by a car crash or jumping off of an aeroplane due to technical error? Then relax. It happens only in one in one lakh cases. As you age, you are most probably going to catch a health condition that might get severe with time and may prove fatal in some cases. As per the data of Global Burden Of Disease, people risk their life due to poor hygiene, bad diet, tobacco and unhealthy lifestyle. Above all the mentioned causes, unhealthy diets play the role of the evil card. Obesity, heart attack, fatty liver, blood pressure are just the repercussions of it.

Top 10 most dangerous health Problems / Issues / Common diseases
Top 10 most dangerous health Problems / Issues / Common diseases

Top 10 most dangerous health Problems / Issues / Common diseases For Humans

So, here are few deadliest mentions of health issues according to the University of Washington.

  • Heart diseases

There are several conditions that might lead to heart diseases and are often regarded as cardiovascular diseases. It holds the utmost position in the number of deaths in India. Lifestyle factors and changes in diet are the major reasons for heart-related problems. In these cases, patients may feel shortness of breath, discomfort, chest pain and numbness in arms.

  • Stroke

This particular condition arises due to the blockage or leakage of arteries in the brain. This is also a severe cause of deaths in India. It happens gradually due to overconsumption of junk foods. High BP, heart disease, mental Hemorrhages, genetic disorders are some other factors of it. Sudden numbness and severe headaches are the symptoms of it.

  • Pulmonary diseases 

Pulmonary disease can be observed by the shortness in breathing capacity and can occur due to pulmonary hypertension, occupational lungs disease and interstitial problem in the lungs. This disease occurs due to air pollution, smoking and inhalation of chemicals and dust due to certain occupations.

  • Tuberculosis

This is mainly an infectious disease and happens mainly in rural areas. India has 2.8 million cases according to the WHO report 2016. While causing infection in the lungs, it also spreads throughout the body. But the relaxing part is that it is curable with certain medications for six to eight months. 

  • Diarrhoea:

This condition is generally taken into consideration when you tend to pass loose stool three or more times in a single day. It flushes out most of the nutrients from our body along with water making you dehydrate from within. Mainly contaminated water and poor sanitation are the main reasons for it.

  • Diabetes:

Diabetes is becoming a major concern among Indian nowadays.this condition arises when the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin. It also becomes life-threatening when it can’t be used effectively by your body. This mainly happens due to obesity, unhealthy lifestyle and overconsumption of processed foods. Individuals may face severe weight loss, discomfort and problems like frequent urination and fatigue.

  • Malaria:

This fatal disease can be transmitted by mosquitoes and mainly caused by a parasite called Plasmodium. Mainly people living in poor hygiene conditions and near tropical and subtropical regions get affected by this. The symptoms of this disease are very common and hard to detect like fever, nausea, muscular pain, diarrhoea and headache.

  • Fatal respiratory disease:

Respiratory infections are also responsible for several deaths in India. Acute problems like pneumonia and bronchitis are common infectious diseases among adults. Low immunity, air pollution, smoke and exposure to toxic substances are some of the major causes of this.

  • Tumours and cancers:

This condition takes place due to overgrowth of the cells and runs out of control. MRI is considered the best option for detecting growth of tumours within the body. Radiation, chemical and toxic particle exposure are the main reasons for malignants. It may regrow several times after a successful surgery.

  • Alzheimer’s disease:

This disease comes with a symptom of loss of memory. By destroying old memories, it destroys all the brain cells and indulges patients into poor decision-making capacity. 


So, there was the list of top 10 dangerous health issues that are mostly faced by Indians.