Things that we have to Learn from on screen mother

Do we know, what is the most beautiful and strong relationship in the world that is a mother with their children? This is something that can not be explained in the words ever. This is the first lady who is very strong and beautiful in the world for their children, whether she has dark skin or fair complexion, any type of body shape doesn’t matter at all. No matter how many fights did you do with each other, but the end of the day they always together.

Things that we have to Learn from on screen mother

Most of us that fight, love, care, and concern nobody can do just like her, that is the fact. If today we succeed just because of her, even nobody takes the place of her ever. She is the only person in the world who trusts when we are nothing, she encouraged us always to anything which we want to do.

Let’s look once, what we have got from these on-screen mother-daughter relationships.

English Vinglish:

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English Vinglish is one of the most beautiful and loved movie, in the movie Sridevi is playing the role of mother. She is a very adoring mom. she is a housewife in this movie and she lives in America with their family,  but she doesn’t know how to speak English, just because of that her husband or daughter pulls her down. she takes the admission in English speaking course just wants to get respect in her husband’s and daughter’s eyes. She always cares about her daughter no matter which kind of bond she has between.


Things that we have to Learn from on screen mother

There is one of the coolest mother and daughter. In this movie, mother and daughter are very open with each other, whether daughter has any issues she shares with her mother as a friend, and I guess this is the best thing ever because she never misguides you, even in this movie mother name is milli and daughter name is Manju and she calls her mother by name.

Badhai ho:

Things that we have to Learn from on screen mother

This movie is also one of the best movies. In this movie, a mother gets pregnant in age to 40, and she has 2 suns already one is 26 years old and the second one is also maybe 15 or 16. So at this time she has to suffer a lot by their children, they don’t talk with her properly, feel the same, etc in this condition too, she never feel bad and she always concerns them. That’s the reality once children get separated from the parent but they never.