Our planet The Earth, is an extraordinary place which has many extraordinary calamities too. And on this extraordinary planet many personalities born which were extraordinary too.


The Ragnar Lothbrok, A legendary Viking hero born in the 9th century ( 801-900) in Sweden. He was born to a Sweden King Sigurd Ring and Queen Alfhild Gandolfsdatter. Ragnar was famous in all Norway, Sweden and Denmark. He was distinguished by his ambitions and his legendary raids over the kingdoms of British Empire and Roman empires like France. He was an ambitious and a kind king to his people and his country. He was well reputed and was an idol to the many people of his country. Because of his bravery and warrior traits many people pledged alliance to him.


Ragnar was a famous king and his sons were also as famous as him. They were invincible and great warriors. Ragnar first wife was ladgerda , she was a brave shield-maiden ( warrior), from whom he sires the son Fridleif. After some time he wins the daughter of another Swedish king. He won Thora after bravely killing two giant venomous snakes. He sires another sons from Thora- Radbard, Dunvat, Sigurd Snake in the Eye, Bjorn Ironside,  Agnar and Ivar the boneless. And Ubbe from his non marital affair.

Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Ubbe, Sigurd Snake in the Eyes were also famous for their sagas and brave battle tales. They all were sub kings in his kingdom. They all were brave and mighty warriors.

Ragnar Lothbrok lead his Viking armies to the The British Kingdoms looted all the riches , abducted people as slaves for his countrymen and for himself. The Vikings were brave warriors as shield and axes as their weapons. They all were known as Pagans in the British empires. They all like to do bloodshed on the war lands, his armies were fearless as him. The kingdoms were shaken by the armies lead by the Ragnar Lothbrok.

It was believed in that era that Ragnar Lothbrok was the descendent of the Greek God , Odin. He was quite a brave and fearless warrior also. Ragnar also conquered  the Frankish kingdoms and Holy Roman Kingdoms too, he was invincible and wasn’t  scared to death. Death means to him as entering The Royal Hall of Odin called Valhalla, and living the after life with and doing battles with all the deceased warriors and Kings and the god Odin itself. Death was like a bravery reward and joyful experience for him.

The great Ragnar lothbrok was killed in England by the Northumbrian King Aella. King Aella wanted revenge on Ragnar for invasion and looting his Kingdom. He thrown him to the pit of venomous snakes in where he was died by the biting of the venomous snakes. 


When the Great sons of Ragnar Lothbrok came to know about the death of their father The King Ragnar Lothbrok, they all formed The Great Heathen Army to avenge the death of their father, His eldest son Ivar the Boneless was leader of the Great Army. The great army was of enough numbers to destroy the Kingdoms of British- Wessex, Northumbria, Mercia and East Anglia.


The British Kingdoms didn’t had a chance to face the Great Heathen Army, The army conquered the British Kingdoms to kill the Northumbrian King Aella. The death of the King was tremendous, The Ragnar sons killed King aella with Blood Eagle way of death. It was the most painful form of punishment for death in the Old Vikings era. 


In Blood Eagle , the skin of the back is cut opened and the ribs from the back are broken by the axe strikes, the lungs are pulled out from the back and putted on the shoulders of the person forming it as wings of the eagle. With this much enormous pain and suffering the person dies in a tremendous way and suffocation.

The tales and sagas of The Old Viking King Ragnar Lothbrok are preserved and still remembered in the museums and libraries of England, France, and Sweden. The extraordinary persons are born with greater motives and leave tales and sagas behind them. The ambitions , achievements and bravery of Ragnar Lothbrok changed the fate of his people and his kingdom country.