Ten Books by Indian Writers you’ll Fall in Love With

Someone somewhere once said, ‘the greatest gift is the passion of reading’ and isn’t every lingering feeling towards your favourite book a reminder how true this quote is. Our favourite books are written in different languages in different regions of the world and for an aspiring Indian writer, there are just a couple of books they should sit back and enjoy before someone out there decides to linger upon the book authored by them.

  • R.K Narayan: The Guide

R.K Narayan The Guide

R.K Narayan is one of the most prestigious and known Indian writers. This novel “The Guide” is based on a village boy called Raju who is a tour guild and as the story goes by he ends up entering the world of spirituality and becomes the greatest holy person by transforming himself into Guru of spirituality. The story has been placed in a fictional village of Malgudi. It is enriched with Indian Culture, and use of simple words but crafted in a manner that makes you love with it.  

  • Jhumpa Lahiri: The interpreter of Maladies

Jhumpa Lahiri The interpreter of Maladies

The interpreter of Maladies was the first book of Jhumpa Lahiri which is consist of 9 short stories. It was published in 1991 also won the Pulitzer Prize. The writing of the book is very astonishing and compelling. The common thing about all the 9 stories is that all the characters are the Indians or Indian Americans, however, you completely forget about that fact because it is so relative with everyone. Also, another common idea of all the stories is that it talks about marriage.

  • Vikram Sethi: A suitable boy

Vikram Sethi A suitable boy

This book is written in a commendable manner and talks about post-partition settings, which was published in 1993. The story revolves around four families finding a way to live after the partition of India. It mainly focuses on Mrs Rupa Mehra and her life, who puts a lot of efforts to find a suitable boy for her daughter’s marriage. The book put forward the Hindu Muslim conflicts, class and caste distinguishing factors. It also portrays the politics of the post-partition. One of the most unique things about this novel is that it is the longest novels which have been published in a single volume.

  • Arundhati Roy: God of Small things

Arundhati Roy God of Small things

This book was the debut novel of Arundhati Roy published in 1997, was a great hit as it was a booker prize. It is one of the most complex books which will make you stop from whatever you are doing and make you think about it. This book is about two twin sisters who live in Kerala which is been narrated in the form of the third person. It consists of a lot of themes, themes of caste systems, social discrimination and how some of the most basic things turns into a very large difference in someone’s life. It also tries to convey the reader that there is no right way to love if you love someone and even though your love is different from others, your love will be called love. Arundhati Roy took 4 years to complete this novel, it is a fictional novel but the things which have been pointed out, one can relate to it very easily.

  • Anita Desai: In Custody

Anita Desai In Custody

The story revolves around a man named, Deven Sharma who is a teacher and had a love for Urdu poetry but due to reasons, he had to teach Hindi. It is a funny, heart touching novel which was shortlisted for the man booker prize. You’ll find a twist in the story when the lead character of the book gets an opportunity to interview one of the greatest Urdu poet Nur. He finds it as life turning event from his monotonous not so happy life but the destiny had decided some other plans.

  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni: The Palace of Illusions

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni The Palace of Illusions

This is the read book which has to be in your bookshelf. It is a retelling of the greatest mythology Mahabharata from the perspective of Drupadi, the wife of five Pandavs. This book has been award-winning because of the magnificent writing. This book has shown the voice of Drupadi in a very powerful manner. You will love to read the perspective of Drupadi, if you want to read books related to female protagonist then you must start from this one, as it is way more forward from the time period and will not disappoint you.

  • Ruskin Bond: The room on the roof

Ruskin Bond The room on the roof

We are all aware of the fact that Ruskin Bond is one of the most loved writers and this book The Room on the Roof is the prize winner of John Llewellyn Rhys. The story is about an Anglo Indian boy Rusty who is actually an orphan lives with Harrison, his guardian. The Room on the Roof talks about hope, love and friendship. The writing style is very unambiguous yet very charming. Even after you’re done reading this book, it’ll manage to stay with you for the longest time.

  • Khushwant Singh: Tain to Pakistan

Khushwant Singh Tain to Pakistan

Train to Pakistan is the novel which talks about the horrors after the partition of India(1947), the story has been set in an isolated village of Panjab, Manomadra which is located in the border of India and Pakistan. The people of the village lived with peace and love for each other but an event like Partition had turned it with a feeling of hatred as well as fear amongst each other. 

  • Arvind Adiga: The White Tiger

Arvind Adiga The White Tiger

The white tiger is the book which revolves around a man named Balram faces a lot of discrimination and social obstacles and how even after immense burden how he was able to move out from the poverty-stricken life and becomes a successful person. It is the debut novel of Arvind Adig who won the booker prize for this novel. This novel talks about the basic ongoing social and personal issue of religion corruption poverty and loyalty. It has been presented in the first-person from, from the lead character Balram Huawei himself.

  • Soha Ali khan: The perils of being moderately Famous

Soha Ali khan The perils of being moderately Famous

The voice of the author which has been used to write this book is what will make you fall in love with this book, Soha Ali Khan has conveyed one of the most mundane and most normal things in a fantastic manner. It is the Debut book of hers, which is an autobiography talking about the most basic things in her day to day life. If you’re interested in the life of any celebrity, then you must start with this amazing written book.