Technology a curse or boon?

In a quite broad and diverse range, the technology has advanced and updated in a short time. Innovations in artificial intelligence ( AI) are incredible. I believe that defined science fiction movies are excellent sources for understanding how AI can transform the world and the future. It gives us a little indication of how it will improve in the next decades.

Technology a curse or boon

  • It can wipe out the jobs of people! 

Technology allows us to enhance our lives and facilitate things. Although there are two aspects to it all, AI will no doubt continue to grow, but I am sure that it will have both a direct and indirect effect on the world. I can’t stop accepting that yes, while Artificial Intelligence makes life easier with all the advanced gadgets, but what about people? Where are we going to go? Are jobs going to leave? Are they going to stay safe? Does the ‘human touch’ still matter, or does technology take it over?

  • Some key elements need to be cautious. 

In recent times they were overloaded with news that Hong Kong, a technologically advanced country. Have seen a combination of science and technology integrated into one’s everyday life. Fewer people, more cyborgs and pieces of machinery and great use of science and artificial intelligence were employed. 

Each person had a device in his hand and always had his head bowed. Things can get easily on your fingertips. Dialect is no longer a problem because we have Google Translate and other applications in a new place or country. We have driverless cars, trains, cars, etc. Evidence of how technology already overtakes the planet. 

I still trust that, hopefully, Artificial Intelligence can’t replace or overtake human beings in the world. It can be used to support the current functioning and can be employed in and between countries for security and defence strategies. 

By comparison, the last ten years have been fruitful and a game-changer for the planet. Before people were hardly aware of new aspects of life, but now social media are increasing and encouraging businesses to generate a considerable amount of profit. It gives us a chance to create something unbelievable.

Conclusion :

It not only has affected our lifestyle, but also the length and quality of our lives. The truth is that science and technology have placed an enormous burden on the irreplaceable resources and have increased creative experience and reduced human limitations thereafter. The problem is that although we want to benefit from the advantages of science and technology, we need to avoid the threat of abuse or use that risks our lives and our nature. People like us who have been at the advantageous end generally have almost no control over the negative impacts of science and technology. Perhaps this is why we assume that there are no technological problems, and that if they exist we believe that we can use the technology to remove or eliminate them. 

We can not abandon technology and science, yet we should identify and verify the undesirable and negative results of technology and make good deliberation and efforts to control these unwanted aspects.