Sonu Sood Has Become The Hero Of This Lockdown

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has become the hero of this lockdown for stranded laborers, students, and many others from every corner of the country. It has blessed thousands of people to reach their home safe and sound Amid this lockdown, where even the government has been struggling to see the pain of these people. Sonu Sood, who generally plays as a villain in his reel life has shown us that you don’t need to have superpowers to be a HERO having a good heart is the key!

Sonu knows the real value of every relationship, whether to bring a son closer to his mother or someone to their family. 

Even on social media, Sonu has shared various posts and issued a helpline number saying: “if any of my Mumbai laborers want to go to their home, please call on -18001213711 and WhatsApp your address On 9321472118 and how many people are wishing to go along with them, also tell my team and me we will help you to reach home… Let’s GO home.”Sonu, in this extremely panic situation for thousands of people, has come to the streets as their Messiah.

 A man named Manish, a struggling actor had asked Sonu for help. Manish during lockdown had been on the road in Lalbagh for 15 days and tweeted multiple times to the various authorities, yet he did not get any response. The government of Bihar was unable to get Manish out of Mumbai, and Manish’s mother has been waiting to see her son’s face for so many days. On this, Sonu tweeted, “Come on, my brother, I will take you to your home   and tell your mother to wait a little longer as his son will be coming home soon.”

With this and countless other situations, Sonu Sood has shown how a Human should behave when its the time of need, and thus people have started considering him as the real HERO from the reel.

Sonu Sood was born on 30 July 1973 in Moga, Punjab, Sonu’s mother was a professor who wanted her son to become an engineer. Sonu fulfilled his mother’s wish, but at the same time, Sonu realized his craze for Modeling and decided to move to Mumbai, seeking one year from his mother. Sonu has worked in several ad companies, along with Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and Tamil, in which Sonu worked in the 1999 Tamil movie “Kalaj Of the clergy in the “house.”

 Sonu began her film career in 1999 with the role of a pastor in the Tamil film “Kalaj Ghar,” the Tamil film “Majnu” which came out in 2001 and made her recognize the South Industry. Still, she got Salman Khan in Bollywood The role of villain Chedi Singh in the film Dabangg was recognized. He’s also one of the fittest people in the Showbiz, and rocking his signature six-pack melted thousands of hearts.