“Social Distancing” from Social Media

In the wake of this pandemic, one thing that we have heard countless times in the news, WhatsApp forwards, from our political leaders and every other source is- social distancing. The act of social distancing is where we should maintain a safe physical distance between ourselves and other people. Before coronavirus hit us, norms like social distancing were very alien to us and probably a difficult one to implement as well. But, since it involves the question of keeping us safe and protected, it is being widely followed and implemented all over the world.


So, what if we went a step further and did something that involved putting some distance between us and social media? The idea has been around for a long time as “social media detox”. The health benefits from this distancing are also significant and in our best interest. Today, we live in a world where we are more involved in our phones in people. The constant need to check our phones, waste hours just scrolling through Facebook, checking stories on Snapchat, uploading photos on Instagram, and getting updates on Twitter is the new form of staying connected with people.


However, it is time that we sit back and take a break from these social media websites and apps by following a few simple steps.

  1. Decide how many days you want to stay off social media. It can be for a week to even a year. Ideally, a month is a good time period for starters.
  2. Make a list of the apps you use the most and spend maximum time on. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram should definitely be on the list.
  3. Deleted these apps from your phone and in some cases, it would be ideal to even deactivate your accounts.
  4. You can drop in a message to your friends and relative about how you are taking a break from social media and they can always connect with you over the phone.
  5. To make sure that you follow this through, it would be better to do it with a friend so that you both can keep a check on each other.


6. Involve yourself in other activities so that you are occupied with work and don’t feel the need to go online.

7. Try and monitor you are feeling. The first few days of not being online will make you anxious, but slowly you will start observing the changes.

Once you have completed one successful round, you can always choose to go back to social media and do more such detoxes in the future.

Best of luck!