Monsoon Hacks That Make Life Simple

Monsoon gives us bliss, sitting in our gallery, having an espresso and hypnotizing the aesthetic nature, that is romance, love for monsoon! However monsoon additionally gives you glitches when you step outside, shabby streets and everything moistened.
You don’t have to stress over anything, we are here with the best of the storm hacks that will make your life simple.

1.If your mobile phone gets wet in the rain

mobile phone gets wet in the rain

The phone is our friend in need, one can’t simply consider going through a day without the phone and what will occur if our phone gets wet? It will unquestionably give you goosebumps and may not work well however don’t stress.
You simply need to clean your phone with a dry fabric and keep the versatile in a jar of rice as the rice will ingest the dampness and your phone will work naturally.

2. Hack to not fall sick

Hack to not fall sick

In any case, this season makes you fall wiped out without a doubt. Cold, cough, viral fever are basic sicknesses which are being up to speed in Monsoon.
To abstain from falling wiped out during monsoon, you can have ginger tea once every day or you can go for some lime water with ginger and honey. This will help building your immunity.

3. Flies


Truly, flies can be exceptionally disturbing, particularly in night, mosquitoes and flies can assault our homes through window or entryways.
Remedy: You can cut lemon into two pieces and keep 2-3 cloves on it and then keep the equivalent on windows just as on entryways. Flies won’t go enter your home by the smell of lemon or clove.

4. To save your furnishings

To save your furnishings

Furniture gets affected by termites a lot during the storm and can be an extraordinary misfortune for you!
Remedy: You can polish your wood with any unpleasant hair oil so it can ward creepy crawlies off.

5. Get dry your shoes

Get dry your shoes

In the event that you are going out and it’s raining you are afraid that your shoes will get will. Then you just need to,
Remedy: you can rub the wax flame or paper cloth on your shoes, it won’t make your shoes wet and furthermore keeps them dry.

6. De-freeze your hair

De freeze your hair

Your hair can get irritated and freeze during a rainstorm. You would de be able to hold up them by applying hand cream, simply take a blub of hand cream and go through your hair! Your hair will be solid, sparkling as they are.

7. Stop smelling bad

Stop smelling bad

You can’t go out for drinks after work on the off chance that you are resembling a bad smell
Smelling awful during monsoon is typical and you can stay away from this by utilizing vodka. Indeed, spritz some vodka on your garments, vodka will kill your smell and afterward you are good to go.

8. Keep your closet dry

Keep your closet dry

This is significant! When you begin feeling that your closet getting saturates in view of water then you can keep naphthalene balls. These balls help in keeping the closet dry.

These were the 8 hacks which can really help you during rainstorm season. Presently you can appreciate the downpour without giving any misgivings and invest some energy with your friends and family in light of the fact that the storm is all our way!