Kylie Jenner, Margot Robbie, and Other Celebs Giving Fans Major Summer Nails Inspiration

Since summer is knocking on the door, supermodel Kylie Jenner, Australian actress Margot Robbie, and some other celebs have been giving their fans a fun and bright summer nails update in a stylish way. They are giving major nail inspiration on how to be stylish in the warm summer.
People are stuck at home due to the severity of the deadly virus but yet that doesn’t mean they will miss being stylish under the current circumstances. Yes! This is what exactly Kylie Jenner and Margot Robbie are up to. The duos are enjoying their fresh manicure in the quarantine period. Regardless of their current situation and circumstances, they are enjoying every bit of it at home by self-grooming. In summer, women enjoy keeping their nails painted with a tint of light pastels colors. In this way, they feel light and happy amidst any circumstances. Self-grooming and self-care is the best way to beat this deadly pandemic to prevent depression, anxiety, and stress. It is always believed to find happiness in little things that surround you. Hence, the supermodel Kylie Jenner and actress Margot Robbie did some self-grooming to find that little happiness that surrounds them.
The popular nail artist Tom Bachik stated that “For some individuals, there is something in particular about having their nails done that causes them to feel elevated and happy, in spite of the encompassing conditions.” So, recently these two stars spare some hours to give their fans some summer inspiring nails goals. Previously, Jenner had neon-based acrylics nails but during this quarantine period, Jenner has chopped off her long-style nails and has given a beautiful trendy light manicure with multi-colored French tips in square form. Also, the popular American-Italian socialite Brielle Biermann has also come up with a new nail art form during this pandemic. This time she has gone for pastel shade with flat talons which are perfect for warm summers. She has definitely followed the trendy seasonal manicure goals. On the other hand, the popular Australian actress Margot Robbie has come up with not-to-bright maroon shade nail paint. They look extremely sleek, playful, and gorgeous. The fans are obsessed with her not-too-dark maroon nails.
The American rapper Cardi B has given a different look to her nails. It might be trendy for some people. The nails have been painted in matt blue with long stiletto style nails. This has become a new trend of summer nail inspiration amidst the pandemic. Hailey Baldwin has also chosen to keep her nails neon-green without being over the top.