Human Relations In Indian Epics

In this scientific world , technology has occupied everyone’s life. Lack of moral values People are neglecting their are some morals from Indian Epics which plays key role in human relations.

An epic is a long story with leading characters. Generally Epics are fabricated with moral values to teach community in their own existence in a long story format. Indian epics The Ramayana and The Mahabharata are embedded with many moral values and are best instances to mankind. They both teach us how should we maintain relations with family and society. Along with that Mahabharata helps to develop individual personality.If we prefer Ramayana, lord Rama and Sita’s love is the best instance for any couple. Though Rama opposes, Sita follows him without thinking about her personal benefits. She values their love and sacrifices all the luxuries. In that way she gave a wonderful message to the world that husband and wife relation is the best thing than any other in the world and became an ideal woman in the Indian history.

Lakshmana is also an ideal character for brotherhood. He stands with his brother in every aspect and serves Rama day and night. He honours Sita as his mother and offers prayers to them. At present there are many conflicts between siblings for the property . We should reap the teachings from this instance to protect our relations.
Here is an evil character Mandhara who doesn’t tolerate Rama. She thinks in an inappropriate way and makes kaikeyi to hate rama, which results in Dhasaradha’s death and leads to conflicts in family. This implies that we should not listen to evil person and do not let outsiders to enter into family matters. Mandhara strives for Bharath a’s authority though he is not interested in. She doesn’t understand the greatness of Rama and the bond among the brothers. If she doesn’t spoil kaikeyi’s mind then there is no scope to all the problems. Rama as a leading character studded with great qualities. He become success as a son, student, , brother, husband, friend, and King . Because of his kindness; mercy; enormous love and care towards his people they are ready to go along with Rama to the forest.

Another teaching character Vibheeshana brother of Raavana.He leaves Raavana because of his evilness. Though relations are important we should stand for the Good
Though Raavana the demon king, a big devotee to lord shiva and also has many credits , is killed by Rama because of his evils . He is interested in woman and does not respect them. He abducts many women with his foolishness by forgetting all the rules. So he is punished very badly and remains as a bad role in the history.

We all know that Mahabharata is a conflict between brothers. It is a conflict between evilness and goodness. Mahabharata helps in personality development . Mahabharata teaches us how to maintain good relations and shapes us to be a perfect man. In this Dhuryodhana with his evil deeds and for authority he abolishes his cousins ,doesn’t listen to the elders ;he doesn’t maintain good relation even with his own people..So for all his deeds he is killed .There is no one left with him.

Human Relations In Indian Epics

Human Relations In Indian Epics

here we need to understand that being jealous and selfish with our family is not good . Which results in our own destruction.

  • coming to the pandavas,Yudhishthira is the elder brother , he is an idol for justice and honesty . He is the man who follows darma in his entire life. All of his younger brothers believe in him and follows his instructions without questioning and saying no to him. Here we should learn about the trust and bond between brothers.
    drupadi a leading role marries five men to save their lives. She faces lots of comments by the society. Even Though many people ashame her, she tolerates everything for her family and never give up on them and remains as a great wife to all of them and fulfills her responsibilities .Here we have to understand ,no matter whatever the situation is we should not give up on our family and responsibilities .
  • And the Great leader ,Lord shree kirshna plays a major role in Mahabharat . His motivated speech helps arjuna to know the reality of the life,he stands behind arjuna and guides him to win the battle. All of us need a friend like krishna in our life. Who can suggests us good things and makes us to improve ourselves.
    The character of Bhishma tells us about the importance of responsibilities and vows . He sacrificed his life surrendering to the vows he made and he does anything to fulfil them.
    Dronacharya is the great master of both kauravas and pandavas. His is very dedicated towards sharing knowledge and skills to his students. He makes all of his students as gems in return the students worship him with great respect. Teachers are the stepping stones, they helps us to gain knowledge and become a great individual in the society . We should be always grateful to them.
  • If a country is said to be developed it is not enough to be good economically all the people in the country should develop neighbourhood within themselves and outside the country too.
    At present we are facing conflicts with our families because human relations are degraded all over the world.
    We should reap the best ways from these epics and maintain healthy human Relations for the welfare of our society