How To Wear Mask Properly | Mistake that you are making while wearing masks

Nowadays we all know that what is happening all over the world, and which kind of problem the entire world is facing. Masks are simply meant to help prevent you from unknowingly spreading or catching an infectious disease that, like COVID-19. Since 25% of people have been infected with the novel coronavirus even people are unable to experience symptoms. According to the doctor, we should encouraged to people wear masks to protect others while in public. We know that there are people who are suffering from the virus, but they don’t know that they are suffering so they are going in a public place and spreading the virus. So in this condition, we understand, that we should wear a mask and protect yourself. Stop the spreading of COVID-19, you need to put on your masking the right way because in this condition we can not take any moment lightly.

Mistake that you are making while wearing masks.

* If you are wearing a mask and it is just covering your mouth, so this is not the right way, and taking a risk for becoming I’ll or making ill another person too. We breathe partially or completely through our nose if you are infected and your mask is not on your mouth just covering your mouth on the spot if you sneeze…..If your nose is not covered properly by the mask then too, you are in the risk, because the nose is the way from which germs enter in the body.

*If you are going in a public place and you put loose Mask than your clothes, face and body get touch accidentally with coronavirus, and these things touched with you loose mask, that is also a risk. Wearing an improper mask is on your risk. It’s better, that mask not to be used around your neck, if u are already using the mask, because this is not a fashion, we need to understand these things. Purpose of the face mask is to protect your nose and mouth from your own coughs and sneezes and protecting to others as well, because now the condition and virus, by which we can not define by the face. So it needs to underst

Mistake that you are making while wearing masks.

and the problem and yourself.

* N95, the doctor advises that we should use fitted to the face, and if you are using a mask which have been made in the home and a surgical mask. You may be letting the side gap loose. You are not going to get the better seal in a surgical mask or in a homemade mask, in this condition just make sure that gap should not be there. We know these masks are very comfortable but not secure enough, and we are not secure so what’s the need to put on mask as simple as that.