How to keep kids engaged during the lockdown

So, now the thing about the kids how are they going to spend with family in lockdown? With homeschooling and WHF for many of us, so in this condition, we need to focus our children towards study as well extra activities also, and make sure, that they did not connect much with digital gadgets like television, phone, video games, etc.

We have to make a time table with the help of that, we can separate all the things accordingly like study time, entertainment time, etc. because this is the time when they don’t have anything from outside, so they would stay only at home. We can plan many things for our children like mind-stretching activities.

How to keep kids engaged during the lockdown

So while it might be seen as a waste, but not worry, because this is plan stuff – educational and fun – that according to that you can plan their day. Take time and set task which is related to study or learning and break it with games to keep your kids engaged and happy. Another tip – don’t think more and take stress about every single moment, it’s all right that and of the day your child is watching television or playing games, it doesn’t matter, it’s all right now in a unique situation because it’s all about balancing the situation. So be continue with activity ideas.

House chores: No matter how stubborn your kid is, parents can always sit them down, make the understand to explain the condition before them, after that ask them to help you in everyday tasks. This is an easier way to connect them with a task. This way, they will understand the responsibility. However, make them sure that they have allotted time to play games, watching television, etc.

 Plan indoor games: The best way to keep children happy and engaged during the lockdown, so let them free to play lots of games, we should make them understand different kinds of games which are very exciting, like Card games, Board games, UNO, business, Ludo, etc. This is something which is very new for them, so definitely they will take interest and will not miss the park. You can help them with their puzzles. There are plenty of games on the internet which are very good for your child because they can do mind-stretching as well as games.

Screen- time meaningful: How can we decide how long children will continue with the screen and that is good or bad, we should also think that children are not much happy agreed to the time which is assigned by parents. The best way to keep them happy they can enjoy television or the internet, letting them free watch to meaningful content with the help of that they can learn something extra which is not taught in school. Another option is they can enjoy video calls with their grandparents or other relatives.

Cooking time: Of course, you need to be careful and not allow children near the gas stove or handling knives. But you can take help with cleansing groceries, kneading dough, mixing batters, reset the clothes, etc.

Participant in the craft projects with them: Every child love to do coloring and every child has a color book as well, and many types of colors are also available and crafts, etc. Else you can use things from the home as well as newspapers, cards, etc. This kind of thing arrange around you and you can make an interesting craft project with your child. In this time u can make your children understand, that how to use waste materials and make different kinds of crafts, painting, etc.