How Pankaj Tripathi put a spell on our hearts

For those of you who don’t know him , Pankaj Tripathi is a self-made actor and has worked in more than 40 movies and 60 TV shows. The actor started his career in 2004 in the Abhishek Bachchan starrer Run , landed a better role in 2007’s Dharam and finally received recognition from the famous movie “Gangs of Wasseypur” . His journey from a village in Gopalganj in Bihar , which had no electricity, to Bollywood’s blinding lights has made it possible for him to win not just awards and praises but also the hearts of millions of people . Here’s why he’s been an absolute delight on and off screen for the masses :

How Pankaj Tripathi put a spell on our hearts

  • His utmost positive outlook on his life

 All of us know that making it big in Bollywood is not some piece of cake ( especially for an outsider with no connections in Bollywood ) and Pankaj Tripathi’s decade-long struggle is a perfect example of this . 

  • He has never shied away from speaking out on the misrepresentation in Bollywood 

He remains aware of his position in Bollywood and understands the fact that stars receive more favor than an actor but still speaks up whenever he feels that he is being misrepresented .

  • His open display of love and respect for his wife makes us dream about our own Happily ever afters 

We all love a man who loves his wife and is not shy or afraid of expressing it openly . He has often said that his wife was and is still the ‘man of the house’ . His wife supported him through thick and thin by taking over the responsibility of the entire house and often managing the finances . He believes in expressing his emotions and does not like to hide or shy away from admiring and praising or giving the credit of his success to his wife . 

  • He is a great inspiration for today’s youth 

After his famous and influential roles in Gangs of Wasseypur Mirzapur , Masaan , Newton , Sacred Games 2 , Criminal Justice , he has caught the attention of the youth of today and he has been setting a great example for them . 

  • Staying rooted 

For anyone who has experienced such a rollercoaster ride in his career and now that everything is going uphill , losing touch with one’s roots is not something that would be surprising but the actor works hard to ensure that he remains honest with his soul and does not lose track of the person he eally is .  The actor has said in an interview that he feels that being a celebrity may make him popular but in the end it’s his work that will make him memorable .  He also thinks that one’s life experiences contribute in forming and shaping up their character and his different experiences have helped him in becoming the actor he is today . 

The actor believes that even though he has done a lot of blockbusters , Newton was the actual turning point in his career . Here’s his view on the film , “Newton not only gave me a role that made people see me in a different dimension , but was also responsible for the volume of work that came my way after that . Uske baad se toh main bhaag hi raha hoon (I have been overwhelmed with work since then)” . From the last few years, the list of his performances which were award winning are  — Masaan to Nil Battey Sannata, Newton to Bareilly Ki Barfi , Anarkali of Aarah to SStree with the most devasted web series like Mirzapur and Sacred Games, they are enough to depict that he’s one of the gem that our bollywood the industry has . 

Though currently enjoying the love and fame that he has been receiving , he still has a fear of being stereotyped into a certain ‘image’ . The struggle he now feels is not to be caged in an image. “People either want me to do only comedy or only serious roles. I don’t want to become predictable and I don’t want to be slotted as either an entertainer or someone who only does serious, arty roles. Being unpredictable should be the only predictable thing about me. It’s only when the audience comes to the theatre should they be able to figure out what I am doing in a film, not before that .”

Tripathi is definitely one of the most versatile and talented actors in Bollywood and now he is also one of the most sought-after ones too as in an interview with “The Telegraph Online” that he believes that soon-enough he will have to say ‘no’ to a lot of offers as he has no available dates and really winded in work .  He believes that his newfound success is a gift from God but can be a curse is well. Such a true gem! Tripathi is a one of the finest actor as well a good human being and Bollywood is truly lucky to have an actor as rooted , original , talented and pure as him