Her Majesty, The Queen

The Royal Kingdoms from the centuries , The Rich Royal Culture , The Royal Families . The rich royal country- The Britain also known as The England. The England which ruled over many countries for hundred of years.

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The England which has the most famous and important person Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth is the most important person not only of The England but in the whole world.

Elizabeth Alexander Mary is born on 21st April 1926, first child of Duke and Duchess of york later throned as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth II was educated privately in her Royal Mansion. She was married to Philip, The former prince of Greece and Denmark from whom she has four children :

  • Charles , The Prince of Wales
  • Anne, The Princess Royal
  • Prince Andrew, The Duke of York
  • Prince Edward,  The Earl of Wessex

All her children are designated to high and reputed thrones as Prince, Princess , Duke and Earl. The are Known as the Royal Family of the Kings and Queens. They all have their own palaces and castles.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark  married in  November 1947, they received around 2500  wedding gifts from around the world. Philip has to renounce his Greece and Danish Titles to get married to Elizabeth. Just before the wedding he was throned as Duke of Edinburg and granted the style His Royal Highness. The marriage was full of controversies as Prince Philip was of foreign country and had no financial standings and some family relations with the Nazis.

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When Elizabeth’s father King George VI died in February 1952 , she came to reign and become the head of the commonwealth and Queen of seven independent countries which includes , The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia , New Zealand, South Africa , Pakistan and Ceylon( renamed Sri Lanka). During her reign, between 1956-1992 number of her realms varied as independent territories.

She became the first British monarch to be the longest lived , longest reigning monarch. She is the longest serving monarch from 1952 to present. She surpassed her great grandmother , Queen Victoria to become the longest lived British Monarch in December 2007. On  6th February 2017, she became the first British Monarch to commemorate a Sapphire Jubilee, making 65 years of her reign and the first British Monarch to celebrate a platinum Wedding Anniversary.

The queen also served in The Second World war in 1947 , serving in the public duties.

She rarely gives interviews, as a Monarch she has not expressed any political opinion in a public form. Aside from being a monarch she is also religious and is member of the Church of Scotland . She takes her coronation oaths very seriously. She is patron to over 600 organizations and charity organizations.

Queen Elizabeth’s Personal fortune has been the subject of matter from many years. She lives in The Buckingham palace which is also The World’s Expensive place or Mansion. It was estimated to be 100 million Pounds in 1993. She inherited estate of 70 million pounds from her mother Queen Elizabeth I.

The queen has the royal collection too which includes the historic work of arts and the British Crown Jewels are not held by her personally but instead they are held in trust. As her official residences , The Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Duchy of Lancaster were portfolio at the value of 472 million Pounds.

The Titles and Styles she gained throughout her life-

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  • Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York, from 21st April 1926 – 11 December 1936.
  • Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth, from 11 December 1936 – 20 November 1947.
  • Her Royal Highness The Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh , from 20 November 1947 – 6th February 1952.
  • Her Majesty The Queen, Since 6th February.

Queen Elizabeth II has held many honorary titles and positions throughout her life and has received many honors and awards from all over the world making her the most respected and honored personality of the world.

Everyone dreams to be the part of The Royal family of The United Kingdom or Britain but, being a royal is not easy or normal they have to follow all the royal protocols which makes them to follow their old and rich culture of The Kings and Queens.

Some Extraordinary Facts about The Queen

  • She doesn’t require a driving license to drive in The United Kingdom. And she is the only one in the whole of United Kingdom. she mastered her driving skills while serving  in Women’s  Auxillary Territorial Service as a mechanic during The Second World war.
  • She doesn’t need a passport to travel overseas, while all the other members of the Royal family needs the passport to travel overseas.
  • She invented a new dog breed, Dorgi. Her dog corgi mated with a dachshund which belonged to her sister Princess Margaret.
  • Total of 14 Prime Minister of The United Kingdom has served Her Majesty, The Queen.
  • The Queen became a home owner at the age of only 6 , the people of wales gifted her that cottage.
  • The Queen’s birthplace is now a fancy Cantonese Restaurant named Hakkasan, located at 17 Bruton Street in Mayfair.

Being The Queen of The United Kingdomfrom more than 65 years she doesn’t intend to abdicate her status as Her Majesty. Though after her death it is expected that her eldest son Prince Charles will be succeeded as The King of The United Kingdom and take the duties of The Queen Elizabeth II, but nothing is authorized till date. Although the government leaders of  Commonwealth Nations has decided that Prince Charles will be succeeded as the Head of the Commonwealth Nations.

It is Queen’s sincere wish that Prince Charles would follow the role as The King of United Kingdom . However all the Plans of her death and funeral are already prepared since 1960s.

Her Majesty , The Queen Elizabeth II is loved  by the people of The United Kingdom and respected  by whole of the world.