Education Vs Value Education : Explained In Brief

Though we succeeded in getting independence it is observed that today’s educational system is not completely fair in the development of our nation .
In most of the cases the subjects which are taught in schools ;colleges; and universities are not helping much to the students when they leave the institutions.
Their work is different from their subject. A philosopher graduate is working as an employee under a practicing civil engineer. Not only this one there are infinitive cases like this. Students are getting their marks and receiving their certificates, When they have to show their practical knowledge to the society ,they cannot.
To overcome this situation every one must know what a real value education means.

ZXFl8JGT Education Vs Value Education Explained In Brief

Value education is divided into two categories :

Explicit value education :

Education which is helpful to the external purpose i.e.,to the community, society and nation.
This depends on the pedagogies of teachers. Students should learn the subject with complete dedication to gain knowledge. Student and teacher interaction should develop .In that way teachers can know how students are learning.
The concept of learning education is well defined in the epic Mahabharata. Lord krishna explained to karna that a student must learn a particular subject by understanding the greatness of a particular subject not for their personal purpose. Students have to reap the knowledge crop by learning with dedication. The first and foremost question to a real student is WHY he must have the enthusiasm to know the reason behind a particular thing rather than believing in facts. They have to improve practical knowledge and have to know the how the subject is connected to the world. In that way they can taste the sweetness of education. If they learn practically and reasonable they can also be ideal personalities and make others to learn.

Now a days education is confined to papers. At present most of the jobs are also giving to those who scored high marks and with good percentage. Many institutions are also forcing students to get good marks and for that reason students are becoming like copy materials which results in lacking of knowledge. Hence there is no scope to creative ability .
Subjects are important, significant to the development of nation ,no doubt. As modern education is increasing day by day meanwhile moral values are decreasing.

Implicit value education :

Moral values like respecting parents and elders; respecting religion ; loving others; helping needy; justice; honesty; responsibility; truth worthiness; fairness; caring and citizenship.
These qualities help us to build our character and make us a good citizen. Arjuna character from Mahabharata is good instance for every student, who learns education with complete dedication along with these moral values . He knows how to respect parents, elders and society. He valued his education with these explicit and implicit qualities.
Nation said to be developed only when education in that particular nation is valued with these Implicit and explicit ways. Students have to study biographies of great personalities. Swami vivekananda writes many quotes regarding life . Mahatma Gandhi’s autobiography “MY EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH ” is a wonderful book which can shapes us. Sumathi, vemana and kumara sathakas also explained the value of life and how to be good . Students should know that their first teachers are parents and the first school is family .

To paint the seeds of these good qualities government should take some measures :

  • Moral values should take part in education.
  • Government should make a law that these types of ethical subjects should take part in even schools, colleges even in universities too.
  • ¬†They should conduct exams in an application way. So that they get ready to face challenges in their real life too..
  • Due to the lack of moral values most of the people are sending their parents to old age homes. In our country there are many old age and orphanage homes.
  • Value Education is embedded with both implicit and explicit qualities.

Both explicit and implicit qualities are required to everyone. Every student should exhibit his skills and show their abilities to the society. They should work for the welfare of their nation along with moral values. Then only they said to be a student.
Every one should know that education is not confined to any particular certificate. There is a lot in the world, in the universe. Our education should be ideal not materialistic.
If education is confined only to certificate rather than knowledge then in the coming days we have to study about great personalities in our previous books. The list cannot get added with new names . Without human values every person will become a robot
There are still some illiterates in our country. Educated persons should teach poor children and make them know the importance of education. We have to bring confidence and encourage them. The real purpose of education is to educate others. Then only our skills will be exhibited and we can know how much we learn.
It is not possible to us to carry our certificates with us to where ever we go but people identify us by our outer appearance, our culture, our character. Our certificates are just proofs but our abilities are requirements to this world.

Every educated person need not to be a scientist,engineer, lawyer, doctor, teacher, police man etc.,he can also be a soldier. Our education should be helpful to the society; to the nation,Unless there is no value to our education . what ever the job might be, what ever the state might be it should be ideal to others and this can be done only when our education is valued.i.e., only when we are capable of achieving the explicit and implicit qualities.