Bollywood Actor Jiah Khan: Suicide or Murder?

Jiah khan was one of the famous rising filmstars in the Bollywood industry. She was found dead in her apartment on 3 June 2013 at night. On that day, she had planned to spend her evening watching “game of thrones” because she wanted to wake up until 3 am as her sister’s Kavita is going to arrive that day at 3 am. Jiah had also brought some gold jewelry for her sister. She chats with her sister continuously before her flight takes off. They both were very excited to see each other on that day. Her mother, Rabbiya Khan, left her alone at their apartment at around 9 pm to have dinner with her friends. At 9:30 pm she also spoked to jiah through mobile, and according to her mother, jiah was very happy and in a relaxed mood at that time. After that, Jiah also talked to Sooraj on the phone at around 10 pm. Later, Sooraj also sends a bouquet with a note for jiah, which jiah told her watchman to throw away, A CCTV footage outside Suraj’s residence showed Jiah went to his home, and she returned at 10:48 pm. Following this, ten messages sent by Suraj to Jiah between 10.56 pm and 11.21 pm went unanswered. At 11.20 pm,

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.When jiah’s mother arrived home, she found her daughter dead. She was hanging from a ceiling fan in her apartment’s spare bedroom. Her mother tried to save her, but she was already dead. When her sister’s flight landed in Mumbai, she was shocked to learn about her sister’s death.

The forensic team, along with local Mumbai police, started the investigation, and initially, they told the media that it was a case of suicide. There were many rumors about her. Some people said that she was depressed because her boyfriend left her while others say that she was struggling to compete in the industry-leading to her suicide. Her family was not able to believe that she had committed suicide.

Jiah did not leave any suicide note, but after a week later, her sister Kavita found a six-page letter in her handwriting. The message was not addressed to anyone, but it revealed that it was related to her boyfriend, Sooraj Pancholi, son of actor Aditya Pancholi, who was dating jiah khan from the last nine months. In the letter, jiah was depressed by a broken relationship with Sooraj, physically abused by him many times, and her traumatic abortion at Sooraj’s home in January this year, which jiah’s family was not aware of. Investigations also revealed that the note written by the Jiah establishes that Sooraj ruined her life, said the charge sheet. Sooraj gave the false promise to Jiah in the suicide note that “after one year they will get engaged, made her emotionally attached to the actor. After verification, local police arrested Sooraj and charged him with encouraging jiah for suicide. After one month, he was released on bail.

Jiah’s mother, rabbiya, petitioned in the Bombay high court in July 2014 to transfer the case to India’s Central Bureau of Investigation.

According to her mother, it was a murder, not a suicide because there are some things which her mother noticed after jiah khan’s death.

Such as there were injury marks on jiah’s face and arm, the handle of the drawer which was present in that room was broken, there were unexplained blood spots present,  windows of the balcony were not locked, it was open, etc.

There was also a white dupatta, which was used around jiah’s neck; it was also missing later on. The tracksuit was also missing on that day, which jiah was seen wearing 30 minutes before her death. No fingerprints were found in the room, not even jiah’s. These are the things which make jiah’s mother believes that it was a murder, not suicide. So, she kept on battling with her case to provide justice to her. Sooraj, on the other hand, said that all the allegations on him haven’t proved, so they all are false.

The sad ending of jiah’s life not only shattered the dreams of their family but also taken away the young, enthusiastic actor of Bollywood.