Body Mass Index for Health Conscious Women Wearing Gym Wear

The body mass index is a simple measure of understanding whether a person is of healthy and normal weight. BMI has two variables which include the weight and height of people measuring their BMI. There is a formula that has been decided by nutrition and health experts and there is a chart formulated to calculate the BMI and what different levels of BMI mean for health. Body Mass index is different for men and women and there is a particular bracket where body mass index is healthy for women. The following are some of the details about healthy body mass index for women:

Healthy Body Mass Index:

Body Mass Index for Health Conscious Women Wearing Gym Wear

  • Categories of Body Mass Index

Body mass index is calculated and the results are then placed in different categories depending on the calculations made by using the variables mentioned above. It is time to go buy workout pants if the body mass index is in the overweight categories. The main categories in which a BMI is placed include very severely underweight, severely underweight, underweight, and normal healthy weight. It also includes categories like overweight categories moderately overweight, severely overweight and morbidly overweight. If women fall in the overweight categories of BMI it is a smart choice to buy a gym gear and start working out.

  • Normal Body Mass Index

Women all over the world come in different shapes and sizes. BMI is popular because it takes the height as well as the weight of a woman in consideration while determining the body mass index. The body mass index or BMI between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal for women. Most women have a fitness goal to achieve this BMI as a healthy BMI means a healthy lean figure and weight. Many women tend to calculate BMI regularly and immediately wear a dress for gym for women and head out to the gym if the BMI increases above the normal value. Women who have a BMI below 18.5 are considered to be underweight and doctors advised them to take active steps to gain weight.

Benefits of a Healthy BMI

  • Benefits of a Healthy BMI

Maintaining a healthy and normal BMI is essential for the overall good health for women. Normal BMI reduces the risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and various forms of cancer. Women need to wear ladies gym wear and head to the gym if they have overweight BMI. Overweight BMI is bad for muscle health, joints, and increases the risk of diseases while reduces mobility. Underweight BMI reduces energy levels, reduces immunity, increase risks of diseases and increases infertility and anemia. Healthy BMI is very important for strong health.

Women often tend to ignore their health and can very easily drop in the underweight or suddenly find themselves in the overweight category of BMI. Women have to take care of their health, and ensuring that they fall in the normal and healthy body mass index category is the right choice. BMI is a relatively easy measure to ensure good health and maintaining a healthy BMI can be easily achieved by following a good diet and exercising on a regular basis.