Actresses who faced molestation

Bollywood actresses often have to face many problems. Still, sometimes people forget their boundaries on seeing them, fan following of Bollywood actresses makes them very popular, but many times the same fans Cross the limitations. There are a lot of actors with whom someone in the public event has misbehaved in the crowd, with whom the fans have done a lousy job. These actresses have openly admitted that their fans have manipulated the group, this list includes almost all the top actresses, let’s tell you about the stories of those actresses!

Bipasha Basu face  molestation

Zaira faced molestation:

Zaira faced molestation

The first thing to talk about is that during the flight of Zaira Wasim from Delhi to Mumbai, the riot girl Zaira Wasim had to face an act of molestation. During this time, Zaira caught the action of the accused person on camera and shared that the social media that she had heard her crying in the live video after this incident. Later, the police arrested the accused and jailed them, while showing promptness!

Katrina is scared off ‘Touch me.’

Katrina is scared off 'Touch me.'Katrina is scared off 'Touch me.'

Now talk about Bollywood’s actress Katrina Kaif, in 2015, in West Bengal, Katrina was also publicly molested, while coming out of Durga Puja celebration person tried to touch Katrina in a wrong way. Seeing the uncontrollable, the members of the Organizations Committee, with the help of bodyguards and bouncers, took out Katrina!

Molestation face by Sonakshi Sinha:

Molestation face by Sonakshi Sinha:


In 2010, Bollywood’s dabang actress Sonakshi Sinha face molestation in a public place, during an event at Gandhi Ground in South Mumbai, Sonakshi not only had to bear the nasty comments of people, but people also touched her in a wrong way. However, Akshay tried to protect Sonakshi Sinha from the crowd!

Misbehave with Actress Nagma:

Misbehave with Actress Nagma:

In April 2014, the Congress leader had crossed all limits of misbehaviour with actress Nagma, during a roadshow in Hapur, leader Gajraj Singh raised his hand towards Nagma and tried to grab her head and pull towards him. Similarly, during the election campaign, a young man tried to tamper Nagma’s hand, and then the angry Nagma even slapped him!

Unknown man slaps Gauhar Khan:

Unknown man slaps Gauhar Khan

TV actress and ex Bigg Boss contestant Gauhar Khan is also a victim of molestation in 2014. During the shooting of the grand finale of the TV, reality shows India’s Rockstar, a man named Mohammad Akil slaps Gauhar as he stands up from the audience on stage and says that against Islam Gauhar represents his body by wearing small clothes!

Crowd Misbehaved with Kareena:

Crowd Misbehaved with Kareena

During an event, Bollywood’s Bebo Kareena Kapoor also suffered an incident like molestation, while coming out of an event, some of the enraged people in the current crowd tried to touch Kareena forcefully. Later nervous Kareena was taken out of the group by the bouncer!

Amisha Patel beat a man:

Amisha Patel beat a man.

Amisha Patel also had to face the dirty antics of mischief during an opening ceremony in a jewellery store in Gorakhpur, however, seeing the wrong with her, Scared Amisha had also taken out the man from the crowd and beat him and gave him a good lesson!

Sushmita taught a teenager, “How to behave.”:

Sushmita taught a teenager, "How to behave."

Sushmita Sen also had to deal with the shameful act of manipulation during an opening of a jewellery shop. In Pune, the crowd was so excited after seeing Sushmita that she even tried to enter her car, Sushmita from the group felt that one hand was touching them from behind. Sushmita held his hand in front of her while showing her agility, then saw that he is a teenage child, Sushmita lovingly explained to the child that, She could finish his career in a second, show the whole world in a second  what he has done,

She said, “I do not want to spoil your career, so I am leaving you, but after today do not do this action ever again!”

Bipasha Basu face  molestation:

Bipasha Basu face  molestation

At the same time, Bollywood’s dusky beauty Bipasha Basu was also misbehaved during the promotion of Raj Three, there was an attempt to pull the skirt of Bipasha Basu in Ahmedabad, before this, during the Durga Puja in Kolkata, Bipasha Basu was fiercely molested! She talked about that in many interviews.

Well, Bollywood actress is a part of the entertainment industry, but is it fair to have such misbehaviour with them? These are some of the incidences, but there are many, that’s why there was a need of metoo moment.