With A Trip to the moon(1902) as the first-ever Sci-fi movie, the zeal for the more imaginative and authentic piece of work has only gone up exponentially. But the task of finding great science- fiction from numerous options available might become a tedious job to do. Thus, We have prepared a list of 10 thought-provoking and interesting sci-fi movies that you cannot afford to miss. Here goes our list:- 

  • Gravity (2013)Do you regret taking a little fewer changes in your life? Well, this movie might change your mind. Gravity is a visual masterpiece. The story revolves around an engineer and an astronaut who are on a  space mission together. But What happens when they are hit by high-speed space debris. Watch this masterpiece to find out.


  • Contagion (2011) – This incredible piece should be on the top of your binge-watching list right now. Due to all this pandemic situation going on, you’ll relate to this movie like anything. The plot is based on the spreading of respiratory disease by a virus and the discovery of the vaccine. If you wish to watch only one movie from the list, it might be this one!


  • Mr India (1987) – A Bollywood blockbuster that stars Anil Kapoor And Sridevi as its main cast. The plot revolves around a kind-hearted man, though poor,  who takes the responsibility of some orphan kids on his shoulders. The movie shows how the difficult hurdles become easier for him to cross after discovering an invention of his father, a watch that makes you invisible.  

Mr India

  • I. Artificial intelligence ( 2001) – If you think robots do not have emotions,  this movie is gonna change your perception. Made under the direction of Steve Spielberg, the emotions shown by the robotic character, David will blow away your mind. This science-fiction also gives you a glimpse of the beautiful mother-child bond.

I Artificial intelligence

  • Inception (2010) – Have you heard about a thief who steals information from other people’s dreams. This Leonardo DiCaprio starred will introduce you to a whole new concept of the Dream-world. To get back to his children, Cobb is given a deal to perform a process of  “inception”. Undoubtedly, if you are a fan of science fiction this one is a must-watch for you.


  • Interstellar (2014) – Directed by Christopher Nolan, the movie portrays our planet at some unspecified point of time when the earth is uninhabitable. People are running out of food and there are dust clouds everywhere. Cooper, the main lead, with the team of researchers undertakes a mission to discover a new planet for humans.


  • Lucy (2012) – This movie focuses on a myth that what would happen if humans used 100% of their brains. A drug, CPH4 is created that makes the 90% of the brain, that is unused, to function. A girl named Lucy gets access to this drug as a result of misfortune and becomes incredibly smart. If you’re a fan of ‘experimental cinema’, this piece is a must-watch for you.


  • Timecop (1994) – If you are someone who loves fantasizing about time-travel, this is a movie for you. Mac Walker is a cop, but not a regular one. He works for the Time Enforcement Commission, an agency that enforces new laws related to time-travel. The story revolved around the life of Mac as he fights time-travel crime and investigates a corrupt politician’s plans.


  • Arrival (2016) – Are Aliens friends or foes of humans? Find out in the movie “Arrival”. Amy Adams plays a linguistics expert who struggles to understand interplanetary visitors. The movie deals with the challenges faced to build contact with the aliens, but it is not only about aliens. This one will challenge your mind with its complex plot and its ideas about life and death.


  • Jurassic Park (1993) – This one is a must-watch for all Sci-fi fanatics. The movie when released, smacked everyone in their face with an awe imagination. In the plot, an entrepreneur cloned dinosaurs for a wildlife park on his island. But, a breakdown in the security system makes these creatures to flee and create chaos. If you like thought-provoking and imaginative movies, this one will woo your mind for real.

Jurassic Park