10 Best Movies you shouldn’t miss on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar

You must have often realised that sometimes it’s just best to watch movies to calm ourselves down or to be able to relate something and not to feel alone in the world rather than talking to anyone. Times like these you must look up to movies which aren’t mainstream and made from some blockbuster big fat budget frenchies. Movies like these are fine to watch but they are not able to communicate with us. Instead, independent films are on the other hand blow your mind and will connect with you on some another level. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar provide you with numerous indie films. Here are some of the indie films you shouldn’t miss watching. 

1.The Invitation

the invitation

A mixture of thriller suspense and a little touch of horror. Directed by Karyn Kusama. The story starts with the Lead( Logan Green) who was invited by his ex-wife(Tammy Blanchard) in a party with a set of old friends. Logan with his girlfriend arrives at the party. He since the way to his ex-wife’s house had discomfort and strange-unsettling feeling. Soon things start to get a bit strange in the house as well which will keep you indulge in the movie and you even won’t get a chance to blick your eyes. The director has able to come up with an amazing plot that will thrive you till the end. It is a slow burner with beautiful shots which definitely will give you a tense trauma.

2. The Perks of being a wallflower

the preks of being a wall flower

Its a film based on Stephen Chbosky novel with the same title is the same as good as the book. Stephen was able to present his book in a movie amazingly. The movie has a central character called Charlie played by Logan Lerman who is an introvert and writes letters to an unknown friend to express how he feels and what’s going inside his mind. He wishes to have a good high school experience where he meets Sam( Emma Watson) with whom he falls in love with and Patrick (Ezra Miller) as his best friends. Charlie along with was dealing with the suicide of his friend has been facing a lot of mental illness which he is able to cope with it at the end of the movie.

3.Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine isn’t like any other love story which depicts heartbreaks. The movie starts with Ryan Gosling as  Dean husband of Cindy (Michelle Williams) had a fight which now has become a common routine. The movie enables to communicate with its audience through flashbacks and present situation back and forth as to how they both met, the connection they felt between them and now how they left with fading love between them. It’s a must-watch as it is not any mainstream.

4.The Florida Project

The Florida Project

Made under the direction of Sean Baker, he has been able to portray the limitations faced by less privileged people around us. This movie is based on a little girl named Moonee(Brooklyn Prince) living with her mother(Bria Vinaite) Halley in a motel in Kissimmee which is in Florida near Disney World. Moonee in the movie is filled will and all the happiness and full of adventure, she is shown playing with her friends in the corridors of the motel and collecting her living in weeks. The real struggle is shown through the manager of the motel, Bobby played by Willem Dafoe) who is beloved by Moonee. The Florida Project is an empathetic and emotional movie, which makes you aware of the hard lives of the people out there.



It is a science fiction/suspense/thriller movie directed by James Ward Byrkit. The movie has set with four couples who planned to meet and spend some time together. As the film goes by they all experience some suspicious incidence with all of them. It feels like the movie has been creating a lot of confusion but James had done a lot with little. You definitely have to mark this movie in your watch list.

6.The Babadook

The Babadook

If you’re are obsessed with horror movies then this is for you. It is the story revolves around a widowed mother Amelia (Essie Davis) and her son Samuel (Noah Wiseman). She’s been trying hard to live after her husband’s death and trying to control her son’s uncontrollable behaviour. One day she read a book named The Babadook for his son for the bedtime and then Samuel starts to encounter the monster of the book. At first, Amelia does not believe to her son but later when undergo the same experience, she realises what her son was saying was true.

7.Mr Nobody

Mr Nobody

If you are a science addict and horror genre is not really your type then maybe Mr Nobody will do the job for you. This mind-boggling movie revolves around Nemo(Jared Leto) whose life has been affected by the concept of butterfly effect which forces him to make choice during a train chase that’ll change his life forever. Since this movie has a twist every minute, we don’t want to give any spoilers that’ll ruin this masterpiece for you.



An usual film with an unusual theme. Locke presents itself in a way you couldn’t have imagined. Made with a low budget but so impactful with the mind-blowing performance by Tom Hardy, it’ll make you sit tight till the end. The craziest thing about the movie is that it’s filmed entirely in a car…yes, A CAR. The story depicts the twist and turns in a man’s life that forces him to make drastic choices in his work and in his personal life in a single night while driving a car filled with secrets.

9.Get Out

Get Out

WHAT? That’s the one thing you’ll say after watching this movie. The movie starts with an influencing move done by a white girl by having a relationship with an African American man, but with a twist. Her parents are not so happy with this decision. While this movie may seem to show the effects of racism…A dark,  horrifying truth lies behind, a truth that will shake you till your very core.



If you thought that you have watched every sci-fi time travelling movie, then sorry to say but NOPE. This movie made by an engineer which will make you go insane because truth be told, there’s a very slight chance that you’ll even come close to understanding this movie. Primer tells the tale about 2 geeks that during some science experiment make something so horrifying that will destroy their relationship, their life and eventually,  your mind.